Music and Twins


So twins are born with the same musical talents. Would you say that is an accurate statement? I would say it is not. In fact they may be born with musical talent but it is most likely not to be the same. For example one twin may be very talented in playing the piano while [...]

A Happy Holiday Wish To All You Twins and To Everyone Else Too

Twins and Holidays

Holidays Are a Time For Reflection   It is at this time of the year that I reflect and am grateful. I have a nice family, I am a twin and really have a great brother and yes we get presents. But I think it is important to take a moment and reflect and what [...]

Thanksgiving and Twins

Thanksgiving and twins

I am always touched in a very warm way at this time of year. So before begin I want to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving to all you twins and to all those who love them. I remember back to my days with my parents. I probably have mentioned this in passing but I want [...]

Twins and Winter Snow

It is a big surprise that many people in the Northeast got an unexpected early winter storm. I often remember having snowball fights with my brother. It really was a lot of fun. There are so many cool things you can do with snow. My brother would help me build a huge snowman that would [...]

Talking Twins

It is funny I am at times late to the viral videos of the internet. I decided to see what comes up when you type twins. Well I came up with the viral video about twins talking. Which I think is the coolest thing. So cool I am putting it here for you guys to [...]

Costumes, Costumes and More Costumes

Hi, It is starting to really seem like the fall season where I live. Amazing how the summer went by. That being said the trick or treat season is closer then we think. As I think back to all the times I use to go with my brother it was amazing the fun we had. [...]

Halloween Costumes and Twins

Hey Again,    I remember all the fun we used to have a round this holiday. I know it is still a little ways away but will be here before you know it. My brother and I use to have so much fun going to people's housing and getting all that candy. In fact sometimes [...]

Twins and Back to School Vacations

We decided to take an end of summer trip before the start of school. As my kids have grown out of their double strollers it became apparent that we would have to get creative in what we were doing on vacation. That being said we did not want to spend a lot of money. We [...]

Twins and Back To School

I am still wondering where the summer went? By the time I find it my boys are out of their double stroller and off to college. That is fine as I think that in life you need to pause once in a while. That being said my kids are going to be going back to [...]

Can your twins really communicate with each other without speaking? that is something researchers have wanted to know for a while.

I was watching a show on the scify network about the power of the mind and how scientists believe this can have an effect on the world. I found the show to be fascinating especially considering Morgan Freeman was narrating. This got me thinking regarding twins. People always say twins have an unfair advantage in [...]