Halloween Costumes and Twins

Hey Again,


 I remember all the fun we used to have a round this holiday. I know it is still a little ways away but will be here before you know it. My brother and I use to have so much fun going to people's housing and getting all that candy. In fact sometimes we would play our own trick and one of us would go then the other. This would confuse the person into not giving us anything then we would get all upset and the one that was hiding would jump out. Most people laughed and gave us double. It was a good gig. My parents did not like it as much.

  I also remember all the troouble we had thinking about what costumes we would use. Some years we wanted to be the same and some years different. Speaking of which I put together a list of costumes I thought were cute and would work with twins. Always looking for your opinion on things so check it out and let me know what you think.


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