Combi Twin Sport Side by Side Double Stroller

I remember my double stroller or at least my mother told me it

As a twin, I remember when I was younger all the problems my mother would have going into stores and just getting us out of the house really. The double strollers and carriages would be heavy, and hard to fold, and tough to get into the car. This made traveling far really hard and is something my mother is fond to remind me of even till this day. So in recommending a stroller and putting out a review to everyone, I took my time and gave it some thought. I wanted something that was not too expensive but would last and would be with that person for when your twins grew from infant to toddler. I chose the Combi Twin Sport 2010 Side by Side Double Stroller,

Let me explain why the combi:

It fits through standard doorways. Really really important. I cannot emphasize enough how many people I have seen swerve their stroller and say excuse me as they embarrassingly attempted to go through a shopping mall, supermarkets or their local store. With this side-by-side stroller you will not have this issue.

It is compatible with the combi shuttle33 car seat. Why is that good you may ask? This car seat is a really sleek looking car seat that is light weight and is easy to carry. It also holds babies up to 33 pounds. So you will have it for a while. When you can simply go for a drive, carry your twins to your car put them into the base of the car, fold your carriage and then simply take them out of the car and put them back into the carriage, how much easier is that going to make your life.

It uses combi’s trademarked 3 second fold. That allows you to simply load your children into the car and with ease fold the carriage put it in the trunk and get back in the car before they knew you were gone. This is really important because babies tend to sense when you are gone and will be crying quickly when they notice it. Rather than spend time calming them down, if you can speed up the process with which you are loading them into the car, isn’t it worth it?

It has reclinable seats and a five point harness. A five point harness is a strap that covers the shoulders and goes across the hips. It then has a buckle that comes between the legs. It protects the pelvis underneath and protects across the shoulders as well. The harness would therefore restrain the baby or toddler if the stroller hit a bump.

That means simply that you have the ability to start using this carriage when your twins are newborn infants. When you have twins you are going to want to save money. Instead of buying a carriage with those big wheels then moving on to a stroller, why not get the stroller going right away. It is made to lean back for an infant. We were raised in a stroller and we turned out ok.

It has an infant safety boot. This feature helps prevent infants from slipping through the harness openings and possibly choking. This is extremely important and a great feature.

It also has plenty of storage space and pockets to allow you to put things away so that you are not holding the world as you go on your errands.

The wheels are easy to maneuver which is much easier on the steering. In fact it has one handle bar across. Some double strollers have two individual handles to push. What one bar will allow you to do is if you have one of your children in your handing if they were crying for example, then you can still push the stroller while walking. This is a really beneficial thing because there is going to be a time when your twins will not totally cooperate and you are going to be thankful that you have this feature.

It is really lightweight and therefore even comes with a carrying strap which you can use for those situations where you need to move quickly. You simply use the easy three second fold and off you go.


All in all,if you are looking for the best double stroller, the combi twin double stroller is reasonably priced at amazon which I have ordered many products from and I trust them, this is a great product at a good price for all of the great features that is has. It is also something again you will have from infancy to toddler. It is a great investment and you will be happy you made the choice. the Combi Twin Sport 2010 Side by Side Double Stroller,