Thanksgiving and Twins

I am always touched in a very warm way at this time of year. So before begin I want to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving to all you twins and to all those who love them.

Thanksgiving and twins

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!

I remember back to my days with my parents. I probably have mentioned this in passing but I want to talk about one particular year. It was probably when we were about ten years old. My sister yes I have one of those, was about three. She insisted in sitting in are old double stroller. Which by the way was the greatest double stroller ever. We decided that while she was really cute she was really more of a doll then a sister. Once we came to that conclusion nothing good was going to happen that is for sure. So what did we do? We decided that there was a bunch of leaves that my father had just worked hard raking. We offered our sister a free right and then went as fast as we could right into that pile. Now she was strapped in so thankfully she did not fall over, but the leaves completely covered her. Man was she upset. We laughed our heads off. That was until my mother yelled from the top of her lungs and my father came running. When he saw what we had done he yelled like I have never seen. At that point he gave us two choices, we were punished until thanksgiving or if not that then Santa was not coming down the tree that year. Boy you pull one little prank and everyone gets so uptight. But we went with the punishment and we ended up being punished for like two days. So in the end we got off easy. To this day my sister ribs us when she sees us over thanksgiving dinner. Great memories, I am sure you have yours. Feel free to share.

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